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  1. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka 
  2. The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs
  3. Miriam by Truman Capote
  4. Gioconda's Smile by Aldous Huxley  
  5. Socrates on Trial by Plato
  6. The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway
  7. Bliss and The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
  8. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  9. The Cathedral by Raymond Carver
  10. The Magic Barrel 
  11. Idiots first
  12. Benefit Performance by Bernard Malamud
  13. No Answer  by Barbara Bregstein  
  14. Mr. Edwards Appointment by Barbara Bregstein 

The Lives We Impact


“The play was EXCELLENT! Your actors did their parts well! Your direction and artistry mattered a lot . . . Congratulations. The experience in the theater  opened a new perspective for our ESL students in line with theater and the English language." Thank you very much . . . Nerissa Calub,

Teacher Sheepshead Bay High School



Thank you again for a thrilling evening at the theatre on Tuesday. My students enjoyed the evening thoroughly. Your approach to making theatre finds, in my opinion, the perfect balance between helping ELL audiences achieve comprehension and allowing them to simply enjoy some high quality storytelling. Such a treat! I am sure we'll be back. Thanks again, Barbara, and kudos on a wonderful performance. All the best Amy Evans Fordham Institute Of Languages and Culture _______________________________________________

“A great resource for teachers.  Priceless.” Dominique Tomasso, Borough Manhattan Community College ___________________________________________

“We sing your praises at College of Staten Island. Words cannot explain how much we love these plays for our students.” Blerina Likollari,  CSI 



Dear Barbara, I just wanted to thank you once more for all your help getting tickets for my class. My students loved the play and raved about the performance. For a lot of them this is the first time in another country and the first time ever to see a play in English. They were in awe of the stage, lights, sounds and amazing performances by all the actors. The presenters also made a huge impact on them as they were so patient and kind. Having the opportunity to ask questions to the characters at the end has inspired even the shyest students. 

Thank you for taking the time and effort to direct such high quality theater. It has truly made an impact and a big difference in the way my students learn English and it has helped them enhance the knowledge they have acquired in my class. Best regards, Karina Greene IEP-ESL Instructor ENGLISH LINKS PROGRAM



Thank you again for another thought-provoking performance from ETNY. My colleague, students, and I enjoyed the show and especially loved the fascinating discussion that followed. Amy Evans Institute Of American Language and Culture Fordham University


The Monkey's Paw and Miriam 

My students loved it! It was a great evening, and we worked on all the materials from your site afterwards - it made excellent lessons. Susan Neri-Friedland, Pace University



Kudos on the opening of "The Metamorphosis"!  Our students absolutely loved it. Many of them have never seen live theater before and they were enchanted. The performance was just great, bringing out some of the humor and irony. Students wrote great follow-up responses and demonstrated a lot of insight into the theme of the play. They also said they appreciated the pace of the show with the opportunity to repeat and ask actors questions at the end. From an ESL teacher's point of view, this was a great opportunity for students. I would make only one suggestion, however. I suggest the presenters repeat what students say. It was difficult to hear most student responses in the audience. It is a tried and true, and valid, ESL technique to repeat what a student says. This honors the student's words, makes them audible to all, and repeats important vocabulary. Jessica Slote Tenzer Learning Center NYC DOE 



"Yesterday performance was enthralling! My advanced ESL students were delighted with every aspect of the experience.  Your concept skillfully bridges the gap among ESL levels of proficiency.  Nestor and the actors remain keenly aware of your audience needs without ever being condescending--no small feat. 

My thanks and congratulations to you and your entire company.  I look forward to subsequent visits with other classes."

Barbara Glauberman Jaccarino

Brooklyn College

American Language Academy


Fantastic! Yes, they were buzzing about it when they got back. I'm happy they asked so many questions to the characters, and that the actors gave such energized responses." 

Mathew Kennedy 

International High School, NYC 



“Once again, what great choices and performances.  Every one of our students loved the show and the performances.  Thank you so much for introducing the arts to ESOL students in a manner that is approachable, understandable and fun." Gary Beharry 

Flushing Adult Learning Center 

Queens library. 



Spring 2019

“ I loved the plays, ‘Miriam’ and ‘The Monkey’s Paw.’ They were perfect choices for your theater   (and the new theater itself is beautiful)  It was clear that the whole audience was  actively engaged in the performances and having so much fun.”    Pat Duffy 

U.N. Language Programme

The Metamorphosis - Video

The Monkey's Paw By WW Jacobs - Video

Miriam - Video

Socrates On Trial - Video

Bliss and The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield -video

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - Video